Acceptcrossculture - Communications
10th mar 14

Our Services

We will provide the tools for better communication through training programme designed to create awareness for all parties in a company. It all starts through learning about oneself. We are not perceived by other cultures the way we think. Who are we? Why are we the way we are? Accept will provide answers to how we need to adapt our behavior to be able to use it as an efficient tool.

Our services cater to all levels in the company, from the newly recruited person on the floor to the highest management level. Our main target groups are

Foreign managers/employees and their families coming to work in Sweden on a contract 2-5 years
Swedes who work or will work with or for foreign managers/colleagues (Swedish employees, managers and Human Resources personnel)
Swedes moving abroad

Courses and services comprise


Cross-cultural communications
Leadership programs – Adapt your leadership skills cross culturally
Coaching cross cultural – individual and for teams
Working as a foreign manager in Sweden– get a grip on Swedish labor laws
Recruit “right” for the international organization-quality assurance
Cross-cultural communications – awareness seminars
Seminars with tools; India, China, Poland, Russia, US and other cultures
Present properly – English presentation training combined with training in business culture
International Negotiations
Language training
Swedish training and about the Swedish culture
Intensive Business English Workshops
Technical English Writing – writing professional documents in English
Legal English with focus on Legal Writing, Contract Drafting and Negotiations
Japanese, Korean or Chinese – for better success with business contacts in Asia
Working on projects with Germans, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish– language training in combination with business culture and focus on project work



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