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10th mar 14


Our training is individual or in small groups of 2-6 people, maximum. All training is long-term in its approach, adapted to suit your specific needs and, most importantly, fun. After an individual needs analysis, Accept will recommend an appropriate course plan and prepare a quote based on this initial assessment.

All sessions are scheduled to fit in with your own timetable and can be held at your office or at ACCEPT`s offices.

1. How fast will I learn Swedish?

At Accept, we use an internationally recognized scale, set by the European Union, to evaluate your level of knowledge and understanding. Your progress will depend on your input and time. Naturally, getting the most from your language and cultural training means spending more than just a few days taking lessons. The length of your overseas placement and the degree of difficulty you have adapting to the host country should determine how much training you need as well as the level you should aim for and how much you should study.

2. What do you get for your investment?

In addition to the cultural and language package for individuals or as a group, you also get:
– Content adapted to your specific needs
– Extensive service and help
– Maximum flexibility
– Highly-qualified consultants who love their work
As well as a very memorable stay in Sweden

3. Why learn Swedish?

The Swedish language is the key to understanding the Swedish culture and the Swedish personality. Cultural awareness and good language skills are essential qualities for doing business successfully in any country and Sweden is no exception.
At Accept Cross Culture all our Swedish language courses and Cultural Awareness training programmes are taught side by side. Whatever your choice of package and whatever the level.

4. Teaching Method

ACCEPT Cross Culture`s teaching methods are designed to activate and develop adult learning skills by nurturing a positive attitude to learning, not in a traditional classroom environment, but in a relaxed atmosphere. Our philosophy is: make learning fun!

Our teaching method is based on a technique created by Dr. Giorgi Lozanov, called Suggestopaedia (on which Super Learning and Accelerated Learning are also based).



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