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10th mar 14

Coming to Sweden
”Unawareness of cross cultural differences prevents successful integration!”

It is something special to move to another country. To help you adapt to the Swedish way of living, Accept Cross Culture is ”at your service” to make your stay here most pleasant.

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Hotell Solna Stockholm



Our experience is that cross cultural differences often lead to business failure. In many companies there is a lack of awareness of the fact that cultural differences exist and affect communication negatively.

The world becomes more international and global as companies buy companies in other countries for growth. But the personnel in these companies are usually neither international nor global. They are, and will continue to be, very much products of the countries in which they grew up. Peoples` personalities are based, to a large extent, on values coming from their upbringing and environment (cultural background) and genes. Our values and code systems differ from each other and this is why cultural differences exist and can be serious problems when people are not aware of them!

Swedes most often find their foreign managers to be: aggressive, not listening, quickly altering decisions and have short term aims something which is considered very inefficient.
Swedes on the other hand are often perceived to be: very quiet, do not make decisions at all or very slowly, are inefficient, do not deliver.



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