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28th jul 16

Companies that embraces Account Based Marketing (ABM) is increasing as we speak. More and more B2B marketers work even closer with their sales team to identify and create specific and custom messages for specific accounts. What Account Based Marketing has help account managers to do is simply to improve the precision. You can compare Account Based Marketing to the old way of marketing, you target with a brush instead of with spray paint.

LinkedIn is on ABM

Even if you believe Account Based Marketing is something hip out of the hipster coffeeshop area you might find yourself think again, now even LinkedIn os on the train of increase and pinpoint messages with their new targeting capability LinkedIn Account Targeting Torrez Market. Using e-mail lists you can pinpoint your clients with messages, which is also increasing on Adwords as well as on Facebook.

We believe that if you’re in the B2B sector you have to get on the Account Based Marketing train and get a head start still is possible and will earn you well in the end. In Sweden Account Based Marketing is still growing slowly and if you’re interesting to find out more how the get your sales team into ABM contact Europe’s leading agency.



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